35 feels great!

Happy Birthday, me. Today I turn 35. Which, actually means I’ve completed my 35th year…aka… I’m beginning my 36th year, crazy, right?

I remember in my 20’s being terrified of each passing year, worried that I wasn’t accomplishing enough, worried that 30 was getting closer and closer and I hadn’t “done enough.”

I remember from Kindergarten until about…well….12th grade, feeling unready for the next chapter. First day of school was always anxiety filled. I wasn’t ready for 1st grade, the teacher made a mistake, I should repeat kindergarten (fill in any year).

The passing of time has always felt like something that would happen without my blessing.

I am happy to report, a mere 35 years later, I am enjoying time, I am excited to be turning 35 and I don’t dread the passing of another year, nor do I worry about being ready for the next chapter.

I just wanted to take a few moments to post a quick note of thanksgiving. I’m so grateful for family, friends, another birthday, and even the bitter cold today that will make spring feel oh so much better.

I’m ready to begin my 36th year!

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