Sleep deprivation induced creativity.

As I was putting my youngest, Sophia, to bed last night I was thinking about the night I “created” this lullaby for all my kids.

April 2014: It was week two of having my first baby. Aka, crazy time!! We had this bassinet that played Brahms’ lullaby in a strange, synthesizer-like way. I couldn’t remember the actual words to this lullaby, heck, I couldn’t even remember if it had words! All I knew was that singing or humming with the synthesizer soothes my crying newborn.

So I started making up words. I created the song in what I imagine to be a typical creative process….on speed.

I couldn’t stop singing or the crying would start back up, so I just sang version after version after version, somehow editing in my mind along the way.

I finally settled on the version I’ve posted. I use whichever child’s name I’m signing to, and you better believe I make any number of syllables fit, haha!

I will never forget that night of manic creativity, the synthesizer bassinet or the patience my husband has for lying in that same bed listening to version after version of me singing frantically along with the bassinet. Since my youngest is becoming less of a baby and more of a toddler I thought I better write down “my” lyrics. Enjoy!

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