Writing. Just keep writing.

Well, it’s been about a year, gasp, yes a year, since I last wrote something. I’ve been busy, sure, but that’s not why I haven’t sat down and put brain to keyboard. I haven’t had the energy. I’ve had the time. Time is pretty easy to manipulate. Energy is less forgiving.

I was recently chatting with my sister in law about self empowerment and writing and journaling and all the things. I realized I still have several stories to tell, insights to share and moments to evaluate. I’m so out of practice, though, that I was feeling overwhelmed by the idea of writing anything. After giving my SIL some advice on how to sit down and get words out, I believe the words I chose were, “just get some word vomit on the page,” I realized that I should really take my own eloquent advice, and just get the words on the page.

I’ve decided the best way to do this is to just “journal” and do it every *single* day for the next few weeks.

Get ready to be BORED TO TEARS!!!!


This morning I woke up with my 18 month old snuggled into my armpit, my 7 year old clinging to the edge of the bed, my 5 year old snuggled into my back and my 4 year old curled up at the bottom of the bed like a faithful dog. My husband is at work. And by “at work” I mean he is in a different state because we don’t like to do anything the easy way. We got up and my 5yo immediately asked “do we get any gold stars?” No, buddy, you sure don’t. Gold stars are for children who stay in their own bed all night and even though I knew this idea would be a complete and utter failure I thought I’d give it a try so that I’m not waking up in 10 years to 4 teenagers in my bed.

We got up, got breakfast and then I realized coffee hadn’t been made. I took about 2 seconds to assess the situation and decided the *easiest* thing for us to do was to load up in the van and go to Starbucks. We got home and put on all the sweatshirts and then walked the 1/2 mile to the bus stop. 7yo and 5yo got on the bus and I walked back home with 4yo and 18month old.

Then we went to CVS and I got my second shot.

I also bought some teeth whitening strips while I was at CVS because CVS is all about dumb financial decisions and because if Covid has taught us anything it has taught me that I don’t like my teeth. Thanks zoom, FaceTime and a childhood full of dental trauma. (Sometimes I use the word “trauma” to mean trauma, and sometimes I use it to mean “experiences that were difficult and left me with some insecurities, but weren’t *actually* traumatic.” I feel at liberty to do this because I have experienced actual trauma. We’ve all got our things. One of mine is that I want whiter teeth. Most of the time I am thoughtful with my purchases, and then sometimes I spend $30 on teeth whitening strips.

Then we went to subway. I love subway. I also get sick every single time I eat at subway. What a testament to the power of taste buds and the bad decisions we are all capable of making.

Now I’m writing this entry while 18mo naps and 4yo plays pretend and occasionally comes over to ask me a question that makes zero sense.

The rest of my day will be spent in deep anticipation for the impending doom that both subway and the second vaccine shot will bring.

Happy writing, me.