Today was hard. I changed beds about three times last night trying to move various children and soothe them back to sleep, then I would fall asleep in said bed- it was musical beds, basically.

I also got a really bad migraine. The kind of migraine that jolts my whole body into hyper awareness of every feeling, every movement, each noise and the dimmest light. I took my meds at 7am knowing they can take up to 2 hours to work.

During those two hours I got kids ready for school, changed Bobby’s diaper, got him dressed, fed kids, tidied and drove 4yo to preschool. The sunshine felt like blasts of migraine soup and I just wanted to crawl back into bed. Instead, dropped Sophia off at preschool then drove back through the windy migraine soup sun bursts and unbuckled Bobby from car seat, got his shoes, buckled him into stroller and walked him and the older two to the bus stop.

We were walking quickly and sometimes exercise can exacerbate my migraines, so that was stressful. At this point the migraine medicine had kicked in and I wasn’t nauseous anymore. But I didn’t feel great. Got kids on bus and walked Bobby home.

I couldn’t figure out how to use the coffee maker so I buckled Bobby into the van, found his shoes, and drove to bagel place- got bagel and coffee and drove home, unbuckled Bobby and tried to hunker down for a relaxing day.


Ate bagel, drank coffee, fed Bobby both actual food and nursed him. Then decided to take a nap with the Bob. We both fell asleep in thick sweaters and both woke up sweaty and gross and the opposite of refreshed.

I cleaned the house because I didn’t know what else to do and then buckled Bobby into car seat and drove through the winding forest to pick up 4yo. Picked her up and made promises about brownies. Got home. Unbuckled Bobby and made good on brownie promise.

Sister in law came to visit, nice chat then walked to bus stop to pick up oldest two.

Took another migraine medicine tablet because this one is a doozy. Pizza for dinner and then George of the Jungle for movie… 1997 at its finest.

Then went to put Bobby to bed and maybe take a bath while other three kids finish movie with my SIL and FIL.

I almost didn’t write today, but I’m glad I did.