Mom Brain.

We all know it’s a thing. In fact, some of us know it’s a real, scientifically researched thing. We know it’s something to joke about, acknowledge and do our best to combat, right? Wrong!!! I think we need to take a second and rewire our opinion on this one!

Mom brain typically means forgetting something you did, heard or said two seconds ago. It can mean walking into a room three times before remembering why you were going in there. It can mean staring at a fellow mom for a little too long before remembering their name, or not, “I know it’s not Carrie, I’m pretty sure it’s Liz, it might be Eliza, no, no, that’s not right. Stephanie? Amanda? Ugh, I’ll just smile and wave.”

But we are all ignoring a few really important things about mom brain, the amazing things. The things that mom brain’s are wired for to keep us all safe, comfortable and strong AF. Instead of spending energy beating yourself up for the mom brain forgetfulness, or the racing thoughts or anything else, start to embrace this new mindset, this mom brain is doing some pretty amazing things.

I might forget why I got the chicken nuggets out of the freezer when I can see my little ones eating their PB&J’s, but you better believe my Spidy-Mom-Senses go on full alert when my baby, who is upstairs in her bedroom with the door shut, starts coughing.

I might have forgotten my third child’s shoes and have to carry her into music class, but you bet I can carry my other toddler at the same time who is having a meltdown about the pavement of the parking lot being too hot, even though he’s wearing shoes. Am I also holding my oldest child’s hand so she doesn’t feel left out? You betcha. My mom brain makes me mentally strong and the physical part just follows. It’s like I have six arms in the parking lot.

I might have forgotten to bring my kids to gymnastics, but that’s because my brain was preoccupied with the millions of other things I’m doing for my kids. We’ll make it to gymnastics next week and I’ll continue to mentally juggle all the things.

It’s exhausting, it’s confusing, it’s complicated, but it’s making me strong. And it’s not that my partner isn’t on board, he so totally is! He helps with diapers, with bedtime routine, with cooking, with most of the things….but whatever way his brain is wired, it’s not mom brain and he doesn’t think about all the things the way I do.

The next time you forget something and you curse your mom brain, take a second to think of one great thing that, that mom brain did for you! Did you notice your kiddo was upset even though they weren’t talking about it? Did you notice your kid was about to do something dangerous before they even did it? Did you hear your baby crying a mile away? These Spidy-Mom-Senses are real, and they’re all thanks to mom brain!!!

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